OUR WORK / M. Scott Haydon, M.D.

M. Scott Haydon, M.D.

As women and men explore body contouring options through plastic surgery procedures, Dr. Scott Haydon wanted to offer a welcoming, honest place where patients could gather information about their desired procedure. As a board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Haydon recognized the need for clear, descriptive web copy, vibrant photography, and easy to navigate web design. Rabbit Collective worked with Dr. Haydon and his experienced team to create a branding experience that speaks to the professionalism of the surgical team and enhanced trust with each patient.


Plastic surgery is an invasive procedure, and patients want to know they can trust the doctor and medical team responsible for helping them achieve their desired look. Rabbit partnered with Dr. Haydon to understand his specific surgical techniques and equipment to ensure the web copy set Dr. Haydon’s services apart from others in the field. Each service was described in detail to give patients a clear understanding of what happens before, during, and after each procedure. Professionalism and transparency were key in creating web copy that would invite prospects into Dr. Haydon’s office.


Perhaps nothing is more convincing than professional photos to convince prospective patients of a plastic surgeon’s skill. Dr. Haydon wanted to highlight the fact that each patient’s body is beautifully unique, which means each procedure is customized to fit that patient’s goals. Photos incorporated into Dr. Haydon’s website focused on the team’s modern facility, friendliness of the staff, and the health and strength that comes from a patient feeling more confident in their appearance. From a patient’s first interaction with the office, through the final results of a procedure, the photos demonstrate how each person is cared for in a comforting, professional way.

Websites promote you 24/7. A strategically designed website motivates your audience to take action.


Rabbit collaborated with Dr. Haydon to understand his future vision for his office, services, and patients. Following plastic surgery trends that reveal patients desire a more subtle, personalized approach to body, breast, and face contouring, Rabbit created a uniform brand through color, photos, and a clear brand voice. Each element of Dr. Haydon’s digital presence showcases a fresh, clean, and modern approach to plastic surgery in 2020 and beyond.

Web Design

Simplicity was top of mind when creating the web design for Dr. Haydon’s services. Patients want to quickly find the information they need, along with related photos, to determine Dr. Haydon’s authority in the specific procedure. Rabbit took a clean, organized approach, categorizing procedures under Breast, Body, and Face, to make services easy to locate. The design also focuses on increasing conversion rates by offering a clear Call-To-Action to schedule an appointment in strategic locations on the site.