Your brand is meant to shine. Create an identity for your business that emphasizes culture and personality.

Services Include

  • Logo Design/ Refresh
  • Social Media Account Setup/Management
  • Custom Brandbook
  • Custom Copy
  • Naming & Brand Positioning
  • Photography
  • Custom Content Strategy

Show the world what you’re all about.

The experience your customer has with your product, service, and team creates your brand. If you don’t put intention behind building a uniquely recognizable brand, one will be created without your consent. Rabbit Collective looks at each aspect of your digital story to ensure you’re presenting one cohesive message to your audience. Branding is the foundation of success and our creative team is ready to build your customer experience.

Logo Design/ Refresh

A strong logo grabs your customers’ attention and makes a lasting first impression. It’s our goal to make sure that the first impression is a positive one. Your company deserves a logo that peaks your customers’ interest, speaks to your core values, and integrates well into your brand story. Whether you need a logo design for your new startup or it’s time for a logo reconstruction as your company enters a new season, we’ll originate a design that sets you apart from the competition.

Custom Brandbook

If branding is the story of your company, the custom brandbook is your “how-to” guide that communicates all the pieces that bring the story to life. Rabbit Collective takes the time to experiment with text, colors, language, and photos to build the guidelines for your brand. The brandbook keeps your brand identity consistent and is an easy way to introduce your brand elements to new team members.

Naming & Brand Positioning

By focusing on and redefining your businesses’ core strengths, the Rabbit Collective team can eliminate an outdated or inconsistent message. Whether your brand is expanding in a new direction or a particular product or service has pigeon-holed your brand position, we can find the position you need to clearly communicate your brand message.


Professional photography by Rabbit Collective showcases the beauty of your brand. It’s our goal to go beyond what the product looks like and allow your customers to experience what it feels like. Our professional equipment captures the essence of what your brand is and showcases your products and people in the way you want your customers to see them.

Social Media Account Set Up

Nearly 90 percent of U.S. businesses use at least one social media platform for marketing purposes. But launching a Facebook page or Instagram account alone will not generate brand awareness or revenue. The Rabbit Collective team uses stunning images, a professionally designed logo, and captivating copy to reach your target audience on social media.

Custom Copy

Any brand’s website copy is only effective when it’s designed to meet a specific goal. Telling customers about your company or products isn’t enough. Rabbit Collective steps in to interrupt the customer’s thought process and interject a solution with your brand. Our words are purposeful and powerful, turning your brand message into a marketing story that gets results.

Custom Content Strategy

More than 1.5 billion websites exist on the internet today. If your content isn’t part of a strategic plan and calendar, your site will easily get lost in the sea of URLs. Rabbit Collective researches trends in your industry. We evaluate keywords. And we produce a strategy that pulls each element together to create a content plan that incorporates your website, digital marketing, social media, and future events in your company. A custom content strategy helps us evaluate which elements best serve your audience and how we should adjust our content with shifts in the industry.

Create a brand by design, not default.