Every brand needs a sturdy foundation to build upon. We create yours online with a high-converting website.

Services Include

  • Photography
  • UX Web Design
  • Logo Refresh
  • Website Development
  • Custom Copy
  • Website Launch Campaign

First impressions are everything.

The average website visitor gives you 50 milliseconds (yeah, that’s .05 seconds) before forming an opinion about your site and deciding to leave or stay a little longer and check things out. The top reason people leave a website is a dysfunctional design. Clutter, confusion, and information overload will drive your customers to the competition faster than a video that auto plays with sound. Rabbit Collective designs a modern, easy-to-navigate site that will strengthen your trustworthiness with Google and customers, all while driving sales.

Logo Design/ Refresh

The logo on your website needs to be modern and integrate with your brand voice. Even if customers forget your business name, the logo should tell them they’re in the right spot. Rabbit Collective’s design team partners with you to understand the core of your business, the experience you want to offer customers, and the goal of your brand to design a fresh logo for your company. Your logo speaks to the purpose of your company. Make sure it’s sending the right message.


Professional photography by Rabbit Collective showcases the beauty of your brand. It’s our goal to go beyond what the product looks like and allow your customers to experience what it feels like. Our professional equipment captures the essence of what your brand is and showcases your products and people in the way you want your customers to see them.

Custom Copy

What you say is not the only part of custom copy that matters. How the copy is laid out across your website can affect how your audience responds to the words and the call to action. Two-thirds of your visitors would rather read something beautifully designed than information displayed in plain text. Rabbit Collective uses a combination of carefully chosen words, strategic placement, and on-brand text design to create custom copy that makes your customers take action.

UX Web Design

When you begin to view your website as part of the customer experience and not just a digital platform that dishes out information about your company, you begin to understand the importance of user experience web design. Rabbit Collective makes each copy, design, and imagery choice on your website with the user in mind. We develop an intuitive layout that is fast-loading and mobile responsive. Transform your website into a digital experience for your customers with the power of UX Web Design.

Website Development

What do you want your website to do? Rabbit Collective uses advanced web development skills and tools to create a website that displays your brand and invites your customers to engage. Whether you want to display a line of products, showcase user-generated content, or grab contact information to grow your database, our development team will design a clean, modern site that completes your goal.

Website Launch Campaign

Why go through the process of building a show-stopping website without celebrating the change? Rabbit Collective builds a strategic plan around the site’s launch, incorporating digital marketing, email blasts, and social media campaigns. We meticulously plan each phase of development to ensure the site is finished on schedule and ready for launch day. When it’s time to reveal your new website, Rabbit Collective is your hype man.

Create a brand by design, not default.