Creative Lead Generation Strategies You Probably Haven’t Used

What pulls in today’s customer is much different than what consumers wanted just five, or even three, years ago. The online buyer is much savvier and expectant in their shopping experiences, increasing the needs for successful lead generation strategies. Whether you sell a line of products or unique services, it’s your job to market in a way that grabs the customer’s attention and pulls them in to become your newest lead. With 69 percent of marketers saying converting leads into customers is their top priority, the marketplace is more competitive than ever.

As a digital marketer, it’s your job to not only generate leads but to also ensure they are high-quality. Sixty three percent of marketers say their top challenge is generating traffic and leads. Creating a successful lead generation tool is the first step in building a stream of sales to your website. Even outside of normal business hours, a strong lead generating strategy will keep your revenue flowing. Use these ideas to build your prospect list.

Create Case Studies

One of the best ways to convince potential clients that your service or product is worth purchasing is to show how well it’s worked for others. Use success stories to demonstrate the ROI your clients have received. The case study also increases social proof – the ability to influence an audience to take a certain action to receive the same or similar results of others – making your service or product more appealing.

Develop A Rockstar Landing Page

An effective sales landing page has a direct call to action. The focus is on the action you want the customer to take. Whether it’s offering an email address, downloading a lead magnet, or making a purchase, the sales landing page is a core part of your lead generation strategy. There are five key components of a landing page that will increase your conversion rate. Check them out.

Develop Quality Content

When you scroll through your brand’s social media platforms, how much of the content you post is about your brand? The recommended amount of self-promotion on social media may surprise you. Roughly 80 percent of what you post on social should be interesting, engaging information (aka: nothing to do with your product or service). Consumers want information they can use, posts that inspire, and photos they want to share. The other 20 percent of content can focus on your products, best-use ideas, contests, and sales. Use the 80/20 rule to make your brand more relevant to users.

Launch A Facebook Group

Starting a Facebook group for your business is the perfect opportunity for like-minded, or just curious, customers to gather in one place. A Facebook group gives your customers and prospects the chance to ask questions, give product feedback, and give new product inspiration. It’s also a great opportunity to share information about your company, the team, and upcoming products or events. When customers feel engaged and appreciated, they are more likely to become brand loyalists. Create a Facebook group where you can learn from customers.

Perhaps you’re already using some of these lead generation strategies, but it may be worth taking a second look at your approach. Are you posting regularly to your company blog, social media accounts, and Facebook group? Is it time to change the content focus? Use our tips to grow your customer base, and if you’re unsure where to start with these projects, we can help!

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